Room & Linen Spray - Joshua Tree

Room & Linen Spray - Joshua Tree

Thomas Blonde

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Beautify your environment with the exquisite fragrances of Thomas Blonde. As you step into the realm of home refreshment, our carefully curated collection of Room Sprays become your gateway to instant luxury.

Elegance in Every Spritz - our Room & Linen Spray, is a discreet yet powerful way to add a layer of elegance to your linens and surroundings. The delicate scents of our best Linen Spray linger on your fabrics, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

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  • 100 ml
  • Instantly elevates the mood
  • Provides immediate, lasting scent
  • Perfect for closets, cars, powder rooms and linens
  • Spritz on dryer balls to boost your scent after using  your favorite Thomas Blonde detergent